Patented, Patent & Patents Pending

We are currently seeking ways to reach investors through twitter, crowdfunding sites, equity crowdfunding sites, direct Venture Capital Firms and Funds and also trying some Angel Investors.

We are looking at the following two options and even work per milestones:

Option 1 - If we manage to raise $600.000 we can outsource the productions by providing a contract manufacturing company with the custom equipment which we will buy with the raised funds.

Option 2 - If we instead manage to raise $2.500.000 we will be able to setup a dedicated manufacturing lab.

In either fundraising case, we will be able to manufacture a wide range of nutritional drinks and supplements to be distributed globally.

Option 2 - This would be our favorite option because it would allow us to work at a higher production rate and work more freely. It would also allow us to invite professionals and pledgers to tour and work with us in the new lab.

Below is a preview of the category products.

The graphics illustrated are simple prototypes.

The cool hot labels will be designed by the designers

who will volunteer to join us.

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