With uBlend Nutrition supplementing yourself becomes more practical. You can now stop preparing your  morning shakes because we provide you with single serving kits. Just grab the bottle and go! Or simply, stock uBlend Nutrition at your work or where ever you need it to be handy.

We can and like to add extra ingredients that others cant add. hahahaha

You get to activate your drink and consume it fresh, versus drinking a ready to drink made days, weeks or months earlier.

uBlend Nutrition is practical because you can carry it around and not look funny walking around with the smelly ultra used shaker.

uBlend Is relatively cheap and afordable.

Its consumer friendly when you are undecided which formula tastes or works better for you; just buy a bottle per flavour or formula.

Its convenient because it allows you to break down your investment on diverse formulas.

You buy what you need when you are at the vending machine.

Buy a case of 30 60 or 90 bottles and have your handy supply for training or dieting days.

With this co-packing system:

We don’t require the heat pasteurisation process to stabilise our drinks because we bottle purified water. Bottling water does not in anyway require any sort of preservative. Heat treatment ruins the nutritional properties of a drinks.
We don’t use of any kind of preservative, and the reason is because the formula is in the barbarized chambered closure.
The shelf life is increased up to over 18 months versus a standard shelf life RTD ranging between 1 week up too 6 months.

uBlend Nutrition bottling Versus Standard bottling productions

For example: milk, RTD milkshakes, RTD protein shake formulas require the use of aseptic bottling facilities and large minimum runs of 330000 pc’s per flavour which means a company would have to run about 1million bottles for three flavours now this poses a limit when a company wants to promote a diversified range of formulas; beside the fact that special active ingredients deteriorate in a liquid suspension so in other words normal bottling poses formulating limits.

Our technology uses ordinary water bottling plants because we bottle water, the ingredients are in the closure and this allows us to run small batches. Thats why we can and will offer the widest range of formulas that no other bottling company in the world can offer.

Further Key Benefits

Consumer Benefit