My father and I created a copacking system that changes the way consumers traditionally consume their supplements.

The trend is to provide consumers with single serving supplements made weeks and even many months earlier.

Our innovation is to provide consumers with single serving supplements co-packed in our proprietary patented packaging technology that is designed to hold powder ingredients separate from the water within the bottle water.

The consumer is implied to activate the packaging system with the push of a thumb, before he can consume the product..

Our chambered closure shake technology provides the filtered water in the bottle and the active formula in the closure. With this co-packing system the ingredients are stored in a dry state until you activate the supplement.

The procedure is simple peal the tamper evident seal press down on the activator shake for 20 seconds, and the supplement is activated. Then use the provided straw to drink or unscrew the closure off and then drink.

Dispose the bottle in the recycling bin after use.