As you may well be aware of… There are plenty of valid active supplements on the market. These are generally sold in either pill or powder form; but only a few are ready to drink. These ready to drink formulas generally have a simpler formula then a formula sold in powder form. The reason is most active ingredients cannot be stored in a liquid suspension, because they will deteriorate, lose their potency and become toxic to the body.

The traditional way for a nutritional company to sell an active supplement is to provide it in a dry form, like for example in a pill or powder form. The new way is just to be presented.

Taking supplements require the routine to prepare your shaker before you leave the house; but this procedure gets boring after a while. Also, you must never premix the formula with a liquid, if it is not going to be consumed immediately. The reason is that many active ingredients, deteriorate quickly, when left soaking in a liquid for many hours.

Traditional Packaging